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[ SK Sound ]   A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... mp3.com was the source for obtaining indie music online. Facebook & myspace didn't exist, and iTunes was just a dream. It was the grandfather of social networks for musicians, and a vibrant community. I learned a lot during my stay there, made many friends, and the site enabled me to get started.

After gaining over 75,000 plays and a lot of positive listener support on mp3.com, I decided to branch out with my own site. My music has been featured on garageband.com and has also appeared within the top ten on Amazon's Free Celtic New Age - mp3 download section. My keyboard music ranges from New Age, Ambient, and Easy Listening to Standalone Piano and Electronic Classical. Some of my tracks contain Celtic & Medieval influences, genres I also thoroughly enjoy exploring with modern keyboard voices. I've been influenced by artists like: David Arkenstone, Tangerine Dream, George Winston, Enya, and countless other independent, online artists.

My recording techniques are fairly simple. I like to keep a natural sound. You'll hear a "natural performance" in each track, not computer generated. The only xtra computer processing I do is with added effects, loops & mixing. My goals are to simply continue creating, and my hope is that you'll enjoy listening. ;)

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[*]NOW AVAILABLE: Listen to the Steven Keys & More iTunes Radio Station!

[*]The wait is over! It's finally out! After about 8+ years of development amongst a team of volunteers that was organized online, Ultima 6 Project Beta 1.1 is released! I produced and recorded a large portion of the music for this DungeonSiege-based videogame remake, and am very proud of the this project. All my best goes out to the team.

[*]ALL of my MP3s here at stevenkeys.com are now FREE for you to download! Please support my music by making a donation from my listen page or by purchasing my CD. My handcrafted CD comes on black CD media, and in a cool ejector case.

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[ King Einstein ] A fellow musician and composer over in Germany whom I've known through the years. Lars Hammer, aka "King Einstein" recorded and performed the track "Golden Age" with me for Castle Lore. He's extremely talented, creating beautiful melodies that will just float you away to another time and place. Check out his music here

[ Karen FitzGerald ] Eloquent, tasteful Piano music. Sample her works, and get info here.

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